What’s In Your Wallet?

With apologies to Capital One, this is not a credit card offer. This is a serious question to all you artists reading this. What is in your wallet or purse?

Do you carry some of your business cards with you wherever you go? I tried a few years ago. Because I didn’t pass them out as often as I should have, they got stuck together. Not very professional, by any means. I bought a business card holder to keep them in shape, but somehow lost it. Now I keep about a dozen in my glove box. I pull a few out whenever I pull out my camera.

Are you a member of an art association, writers or painter’s guild, or other organization affiliated with your artistic endeavors? Currently I am a member of an arts association (Community Arts Council of Kankakee County
www.communityartscouncil.org)  I received a card upon joining, but it never saw the inside of my wallet. If I belonged to a group that had a card, I could use for discounts say, I would carry it.

As an artist that participates in shows, I frequently get cards from other artists. They go in my wallet until I get home. They are then removed, the information recorded, and the cards filed.

What is in my wallet that I can show people and say, “Yes, I am an artist.”? Nothing. Does that make me less of an artist? No. I have the knowledge in my brain, the passion in my heart, and the tools in my hands.

So, my question to you is this: What is in your wallet or purse to show that you are an artist? Is it necessary?

Thanks for reading. Feel free to leave a comment.

Published by Rick Decorie

I see beauty, an untold story, in what I photograph. The old barns, trucks, and other items I photograph are rusting and decaying away. I preserve them through my work. Their stories can only be imagined. The old pick-up truck in the field may have brought produce to market. The forgotten barn could have housed farm animals that produced food for the family long gone. The old factory, items for the home.

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