My Favorite Shots of 2020

My Favorite Shots of 2020

Here are my favorite shots I took in 2020. Not all made it to print, but that’s okay. Maybe some day they will. So, without further ado, here are my favorites and why I chose them.

An abandoned building with some old wood doors. I just like the patterns and lines in this shot. Of course, anything old usually looks better in black and white.

This old barn was spotted on some property for sale along the Kankakee River. This was the most run-down building on the property. The combination of the red and green caught my eye, so I just had to shoot it.

Another old barn. I found this along side the road on my way home from some travels. All the windows caught my eye. I didn’t even notice the newer door until I was editing this photo.

A buddy and I went out shooting one day, just cruising around looking for things to shoot. We passed this truck and then made a U-turn to come back to it. After getting permission to shoot it, we each took multiple shots. This is my favorite of all the ones I took. The blue and brown colors just draw my eye into it.

At first glance, this looks like a car that can be easily restored. Far from it. There is no interior whatsoever. It is held together with wire and straps. Nevertheless, the blue and green compliment the rust color of this once grand car.

Once again, the blue sky and green grass compliment the subject. In this case it is an old elevator no longer in use. It may not be as tall as others, but it is not surrounded by old equipment or overgrown with weeds.

I spotted this truck as I was going for a walk. I had to hustle back home to grab my camera and get back to this before it was gone. After multiple edits, I was happy with the way this one turned out. I like it because it is from the same decade I am from, and it still runs.

This close-up of an old scale was found inside the office part of an abandoned silo. The old painted writing on the top is very cool, I think. I also like the blue of the door behind it.

This shot of an old boiler is a panorama of three shots stitched together. Not only is it all the lines in the shot, but the different colors as well which makes this a favorite of mine.

Empty seats covered in dust are part of an auditorium to an abandoned high school in Iowa. Imagine all the plays, assemblies, and graduation ceremonies that must have occurred in this once grand hall.

Late fall in Illinois brings with its muted colors. Along the banks of the Kankakee River, one can take in sights such as the remains of an old bridge. These supports blend in well with their surroundings.

If you go to enough salvage yards, eventually you will find unusual items, such as a yellow radiator. It just stood out from the surrounding junk. A few feet away lay another one.

I love old cars and the way they were adorned. In this case, a golden ball atop a silver fin adorns a fender of a long dead car in a salvage yard. Now pitted and scarred, it still is an eye catcher.

Another salvage yard find, this taillight fin begged to be shot. The single color of red against the monotone background makes me stop and look at it.

Published by Rick Decorie

I see beauty, an untold story, in what I photograph. The old barns, trucks, and other items I photograph are rusting and decaying away. I preserve them through my work. Their stories can only be imagined. The old pick-up truck in the field may have brought produce to market. The forgotten barn could have housed farm animals that produced food for the family long gone. The old factory, items for the home.

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